About us

Donegal Investigations is the official team behind the new hit Channel 4 TV Series ‘The Repo Man’. Based in South Staffordshire and serving nationwide we provide investigation services unlike no other. Simply watch The Repo Man on Channel 4 or on 4OD catchup for a summary of what we do.

seanSean: “The Boss”
Height: 6,3
Weight: 18 stone

Sean has been a well-established recovery Agent since 1996 when he started his first Repossession Company, at just 24 Years old. Since then it’s estimated that Sean has recovered over 60,000 cars, easy and could well be going on double that. At the height of his business he was pulling in 20-30 cars a day, with just a 2 man team.

Also he has keyed his skills over the years on many aspect of debt recovery, including heavy plant, Lorries, speed boats, and small ticket, you name it this man has repo’d it. Sean takes an no holds barred approach when collecting the assets if you want a job doing, then this is your man. Sean has seen it all, he’s been there, got the T-shirt, and in fact written the book. Sean also has a creative side with his Murals & Castle Designs.

Background: Ex-Royal Navy, left with exemplary record, good conduct Badge.

Medals: Served in the first Gulf conflict, which he was decorated with a Gulf war medal.

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